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It’s not who you are underneath, but what you DO that defines you…

I was born in Milan in 1980 and after demonstrating peculiar attitudes for sports and computing during my teen age, I studied in both scientific and humanities schools, growing an open minded character. I then started to work independently into different business fields, however , while travelling, I ultimately became a freelancer on the move, by delivering projects all around the world. I keep myself updated to the latest information technology, being able to provide all kinds of support up to the most exigent client.

Web Design

I design tailormade websites for your budget and business type while you take a nap. I use servers powered by green energy only…

You won’t find a better deal in town… and we’ll make it from scratch together
  • Responsiveness (100% compatible with tablets and smarphones)
  • Cross-Browser Validation (Aligned with today’s popular browsers)
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Coding (Lighter and flexible pages)
  • Control Panel (Even your grandpa can now edit page content!)
  • Green Hosting (Store your website on a 100% wind-energy server)
  • 24h Tech Support (I’m always at your service via Skype/Phone)


Online Marketing

Use our expertise and research before venturing in a new online business…

Kick asses with my search engine optimization and fully customize your online advertising campaign by target specific customers, using astonishing slogans and visual banners. If you are running a physical shop or a start-up, let me help you throughout the process of entering in the digital world. I’ll be your guide. My prices beats out competition, especially if you need a low cost service without sacrificing quality.

  • Search Engine Optminizaion (SEO)
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Optimized Visual & Text ADS
  • Online startups
  • Social media integration
  • Market pre-analysis

Graphic Design

I create flyers, posters, business cards and logos. I will also assist you with online marketing strategies for an optimal result…
I’ll deliver you astonishing business cards, transparent, paper-crafted, origami, whatever you dream of. And of course suitable for YOUR type of business or personality.
Brochures, logos, newsletter design or any kind of company branding set you may need. Flyers and catalogs with a touch of class, stylish and light.

Video Editing

I shoot, direct and edit commercials, presentations and corporate videos for the small and medium business.

Hardware Customization

I am specialized in delivering the most refined custom-built desktop computers to professionals in need of refined products. My projects are always aiming to obtain the lowest power consumption, a tiny case, and running the PC absolutely silent (0dB) while always having access to high-end performances. My clients are usually audiophiles or audio-producers in need of an extremely silent operations and/or individuals who always keep their computer switched-on, day and night, obviously in need of a quiet sleep and great savings on electricity bills.

Example: tag price= 599 €

  • Intel i7 lowest TDP available (45W)
  • CPU Cooler 0dB no-fan
  • PSU 400W 0dB no-fan 80+ Gold
  • 16 GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
  • HD Audio 7.1 DTS + HDMI port
  • 128 GB SSD SataIII 6gb/s
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0
  • Windows 8.1 Pro original license

You’ll get a rare toy capable of running the latest software for professional video and audio editing or even gaming. This is a TOTALLY noiseless solution, 0 dB, built without the use of ANY fan. The power supply is a modular unit of 400W with an 80 Plus Gold certification. This type of computer is certainly draining up to 50% less power than a conventional desktop computer. The solid state drive will offer you incredible booting times, and ultra snappy desktop, opening your favorite applications within nano-seconds.

Famous clients who have trusted me so far

It’s not what you know, but what you can PROVE

I needed a person who was fast, convenient and efficient, who could assist me from A to Z for the a new start-up… I ended up finding someone fantastic; his name is Alan Gallicchio…

Matteo Trotta Imprenditore Milanese

This guy was brilliant! He worked hard with us, but we still had so much fun because of his unique character… Everybody in my office loved him! I now must find some other project just to hire him again eheheh…

Bruno Jimenez Italclay LLC Manager

Having to deal with my online marketing campaign (SEO), Mr. Gallicchio made me save a lot of money through effectively managing my online advertising. After 3 years of working together he still can’t get rid of me!

Carlo Antonini Bed and Breakfast San Martino

Alan helped me a lot with my online teaching business, he came to work at my place every day until we finished the project! I can totally trust him and I loved to keep an eye on him while he was working for me.

Sofie Carpio French Teacher

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